Oct. 03, 2019

HARRISBURG — Rep. Jason Ortitay (R-Washington/Allegheny) issued the following statement in response the governor announcing he is taking steps administratively to commit Pennsylvania to enter into full participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI):

“This morning, the governor announced that every Pennsylvanian will now be forced to pay higher electricity costs after he decided the state will join RGGI, thus creating a new tax on electricity. Since taking office, the governor has been unable to get the Legislature to agree to the large tax increases he needs for his tax-and-spend agenda. Not only will his action result in higher electricity costs for everyone, but it will also lead to job losses without doing anything significant to further reduce carbon emissions. Without government intervention, Pennsylvania has been leading the country in reducing its carbon emissions with an over 30% reduction in recent years. It has also led to the creation of thousands of jobs and reduced electricity costs for everyone. This new ‘Wolf tax’ looks to undo all of that to fulfill his tax, borrow and spend agenda.

“It's been rumored that the governor will use this money to fund his Restore PA plan, which will cause the state to borrow more than $4 billion and saddle future generations with at least another $4 billion in interest payments. I urge you to call the governor’s office and tell him to reconsider his decision.”

The 46th Legislative District includes Collier and South Fayette townships and Bridgeville, Heidelberg, McDonald and Oakdale boroughs in Allegheny County. It also encompasses Canton, Cecil, Mt. Pleasant, Robinson and Smith townships, and Burgettstown, McDonald and Midway boroughs in Washington County.

Representative Jason Ortitay
46th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tracy Polovick
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