Ortitay Introduces Bill to Encourage Hiring of Individuals with Disabilities
HARRISBURG — Rep. Jason Ortitay (R-Washington/Allegheny) this week introduced legislation that would require employers receiving state tax credits to create and maintain inclusive work environments.

“Sometimes it can be difficult for those with disabilities to be given a chance in a workplace,” Ortitay said. “However, once they have their foot in the door, often their abilities shine. This legislation would give individuals with disabilities who seek the chance to work further opportunities for employment.”

House Bill 2491 would require employers receiving state tax credits, not including educational tax credits, to implement a hiring program for individuals with disabilities. Guidelines for the program would be developed by the Department of Community and Economic Development in conjunction with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Department of Labor and Industry. In 2016, 13,187 Pennsylvanians with disabilities entered the workplace. This is the largest number of any state.

“While I am thrilled to see so many employers embrace those with disabilities, we can always do better,” Ortitay said. “If a business is taking advantage of tax credits, it should also be willing to remove obstacles for employment. I’m hopeful the House will consider this bill in short order.”

The bill is awaiting assignment to a House standing committee.

The 46th Legislative District includes Collier and South Fayette townships and Bridgeville, Heidelberg, McDonald and Oakdale boroughs in Allegheny County. It also encompasses Canton, Cecil, Mt. Pleasant, Robinson and Smith townships and Burgettstown, McDonald and Midway boroughs in Washington County.

Representative Jason Ortitay
46th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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